Staff at the pub, famous for its cider, told the couple that they were ‘obscene’ and eventually that they had to leave. Disinterested observers indicate that Bull’s ‘peck on the lips’ of Williams whilst recognized as ‘snogging’ did not fall into the category of ‘heavy petting’ let alone ‘obscenity’.

This was a first date after all. This most amiable form of protest… perhaps a form of homeopathy… seems to be growing in popularity and was also featured during the Pope’s visit to Barcelona in November last year when 200 gay people exchanged kisses as the Pope-mobile drove by. So what next? The UK Licensing Act 2003 gives landlords the right to eject customers from their pubs but the Equality Act of 2010 says that everyone must be treated equally. For a successful defense… should it come to that…the landlord would have to prove that he also ejects heterosexual couples for displaying similar levels of intimacy. Brussels, April 17th, 2011. A ‘gay kiss-in’ of 300 people protests the ejection on grounds of obscene behaviour of a gay couple from a London pub.