Jane Haile

Gender Sexy

Gender Sexy Has Olympics 2012 made gender equality a ‘sexy’ aspiration and policy direction for decision-makers, politicians, the IOC and other movers and shakers, such as the mainstream media? Ahead of the pack (if there turns out to be a pack) UK shadow Olympics Minister ,Tessa Jowell , has shrewdly been the first to head …

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Limus At least, that is, according to the Turkish military. A recent report by the BBC (available here  in this link) highlights the ways in which sexuality across the world is largely a social construct. The article refers to the practice of military conscription in Turkey – an obligation which can only be avoided by …

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Olympics Changers

Olympic Changers The London Olympics will be the first games to include women as well as men from every competing nation, including Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The two Saudi women participants though they have not qualified have received special invitations from the International Olympics Committee (IOC), (politics trumps performance) who hope that they will …

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Interview with Thavrith Chhuon

Interview with Thavrith Chhuon Gendercentric’s interview with Thavrith Chhuon, Gender Mainstreaming Officer, UNDP Partnership for Gender Equity with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Cambodia. Expertise: Gender Affairs, Electoral Affairs, and Research. Gendercentric: Although ‘gender’ is a field that by definition concerns both women & men, the prevailing stereotype of gender experts world-wide is female. I …

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Lady Turning

Lady Turning Do these look like two people who’ve just kicked their convictions under the table? Tony Blair, and Liberian President, Ellen Johnson –Sirleaf met during Blair’s visit to Liberia for the charity the African Governance Initiative (AGI) which, in Blair’s own words aims to “strengthen African governments and help them move to aid independence”. …

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Leading Women

Leading Women Shamima Pervin is a Women Rights activist from Bangladesh. Professionally she has worked with national and international NGOs, United Nations organizations, DFID and Government of Bangladesh. She has carried out extensive work in planning, managing projects, capacity development and M&E activities in the field of extreme poverty, gender mainstreaming, diversity, violence against women, …

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