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Eve Strikes

Stephen Greenblatt, Pulitzer Prize winner and a specialist in early modern literature, explores in The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve the enduring fascination of the Genesis story despite or because of the fact that different versions are open to a variety of interpretations.


Pink Kat George’s Pink Bits published as an e-book by Thought Catalogue original books is an example of the growing volume of …


Hillary Clinton's campaign to be the next American President has been a case-study in the complexities of contemporary "Feminism".

Ape in the Balance

Sex and Gender are topics of perennial interest, but only in recent years have they moved out from under the covers into mainstream popular debate.

Gender Sexy

Gender Sexy Has Olympics 2012 made gender equality a ‘sexy’ aspiration and policy direction for decision-makers, politicians, the IOC and other movers …


Limus At least, that is, according to the Turkish military. A recent report by the BBC (available here  in this link) highlights …

Olympics Changers

Olympic Changers The London Olympics will be the first games to include women as well as men from every competing nation, including …

Interview with Thavrith Chhuon Gendercentric’s interview with Thavrith Chhuon, Gender Mainstreaming Officer, UNDP Partnership for Gender Equity with the Ministry of Women’s …

Lady Turning

Lady Turning Do these look like two people who’ve just kicked their convictions under the table? Tony Blair, and Liberian President, Ellen …